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UL Lafayette Office of Professional and Continuing Education is a training provider and grant administration for the Incumbent Worker Training Programs (IWTP) through Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC). These programs provide state funding to companies to train their employees and include Customized Training as well as Small Business Employee Training (SBET).

By choosing a public training provider like UL Lafayette, you will earn 20 points for your application. Because applications are judged based on a point system, these points could mean the difference between being approved quickly or not being approved at all.

Contact Anita Dupre at 337-482-6391 or to find out how.

Training Program Details

Wondering about the differences between IWTP and SBET?


  • Requires you have at least 15 employees to be trained
  • No out-of-pocket expenses to the employer required
  • Training provider (UL Lafayette Office of Professional and Continuing Education) administers the grant
  • Company determines when and where classes will take place
  • "Supplanting" rule applies
  • In-kind donation preferred

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  • 50 or fewer employees at the company; no minimum to be trained
  • Employer pays for training and is reimbursed by the state
  • Company administers the grant
  • Training provider determines schedule and location
  • No "supplanting" rule
  • No in-kind donation required

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